What is Web Hosting | Where to Buy Web Hosting

Creating a website or blog requires web hosting. If you want to open a website then you must have complete knowledge about hosting. Because it is not possible to create a website or blog without web hosting. So, considering the importance of creating a website, we will discuss web hosting in detail in today’s post.

From this article we will explain in detail the basics of web hosting to the nitty gritty of hosting. As a result, you will know what is web hosting, how does hosting work, what are the features of hosting, what type of hosting should you buy and where to buy hosting? So this article will be quite helpful for you.

What is Web Hosting? Where to Buy Web Hosting
People who are new to the world of blogging do not have much experience about hosting. Because of which they cannot make the right decision, most of the time they buy the wrong hosting. But before starting a blog or website it is very important to choose good hosting. Because hosting is very important from maintaining a blog to running a blog for a long time.

So I would say if you are new to blogging then you should read today’s post carefully to get success in your blogging career. Because after reading this post you will be able to choose the suitable hosting for your needs by yourself.

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What is a Blog

Now we will know what is web hosting. But before knowing about hosting you need to know about internet. Because if you don’t have a clear understanding of what the internet is and how the internet works, you won’t understand hosting. Because hosting and internet are deeply related to each other. So first let’s know about internet.


What is the Internet

We will not talk much about the Internet here. Because we have already shared a detailed blog post on what is internet and how internet works. I am giving the link of the post. You can know more about internet from that post.

Internet is the world’s largest interconnected network. Interconnected network means connected to each other. The entire world today, from mobiles to almost all computers, is connected to this huge network. Every mobile of yours is connected to the whole world network.

By turning on the internet connection on the mobile we can see all the information on the internet. You may have never thought about where that information comes from. All the information that we see through the Internet is saved in some computer.

And when we turn on the data connection, a kind of connection or connection of our mobile is created with all those computers through the Internet. Then we see the files saved on the server computer. Basically, the computer where all the computer files are kept can be called web server or web hosting.


What is Web Hosting


What is Web Hosting

When you create a website or blog, you need to put the website or blog files on the Internet, so that people can see and read your blog. Because we have already known that when a file is placed on the Internet, that file can be viewed from any part of the world through a network connection.

Now web hosting is the place where you keep the necessary files, documents, images, audio and video of your website. More simply, web hosting is a large computer, which has a very large hard drive. And when we put a document in the hard drive of that computer, everyone can see that document through the internet connection.

Such huge computers are switched on 24 hours a day. Which is not switched on and off like our personal computer. And all the companies that store such huge computers are called web hosting companies. They spend a lot of money to keep all those computers on 24 hours day and night, so we don’t buy web hosting from them.

In simple words, the space or storage in which all the files of a website are kept on the Internet is called hosting. Every web hosting company’s servers are connected to all networks around the world. Due to which any information kept on that hosting or server can be seen or accessed through internet connection.


How does web hosting work


There are now many types of web hosting companies that allow website owners to host websites on those hosting servers for a fee. When a website is hosted on a server, the website’s files can be viewed at any time by associating a unique domain name with that server.

Usually, if you type the address of a blog in any browser and search, then that browser connects to the files kept by the server. As a result, the files of the website hosted on that server can be easily viewed from anywhere.

Consider my blog as an example. My blog address is ridoyhasanalif.com. When someone searches by typing the address of my blog from a mobile or computer browser, that browser will create a connection of your mobile with the server where the files of my blog are kept. As a result, you can easily see my website from your mobile phone. This is basically how web hosting works.

Where to buy web hosting


Today there are countless web hosting companies that are selling regular hosting. Especially now our country has many good hosting providers along with various types of reseller hosting companies. You can buy from them if you want.

If you write in Bengali language on your blog then it will be better for you to buy Bangladeshi hosting. Because the closer the hosting company’s server is to your visitors, the faster your blog will load. On the other hand if you are blogging in English then it will be better for you to get hosting in the country where you have more visitors. But there will be no problem if you buy hosting from any country.

Bangladeshi people face problems with payment when buying hosting. Because it can be seen that buying hosting from a good foreign company requires Master Card, Visa Card or PayPal account. Most of the people in our country do not have such cards and cannot buy hosting from foreign companies.

But if you want to buy hosting from a Bangladeshi company, then you can easily buy hosting by paying through Bkash and cash account. If you want to buy hosting exclusively from a foreign company and you don’t have any payment system then you can contact us. We will help you with your hosting purchase.

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Nowadays there are many companies selling hosting at low prices. The following hosting companies are quite popular among them –

Out of the above 7 hosting companies, the first 5 are foreign companies. AmarHoster is the best quality hosting provider here. However, their hosting packages cost much more. And above No. 2 Host Might is the hosting company of our country. I myself am running two wordpress blogs by buying hosting from them.


Which company to buy hosting


Apart from the above mentioned companies, there are numerous hosting companies in India and abroad. A common person will look at any company’s hosting package at first glance. That’s why no one can choose the right hosting easily without experience.

Each hosting company has different specialties. Moreover, individual hosting needs are also different. So you need to choose the best hosting based on what kind of blogging you do. The following points should be considered seriously while buying hosting.


1. Disk Space

Here Disk Space means the amount of hosting. Just like computer hard drives have 500 GB and 1000 GB storage, hosting also has storage. The more disk space you buy, the more money you have to pay. How much disk space you need depends on your work. Normally buying 1 GB storage hosting for a new personal blog is enough.

2. Bandwidth

Bandwidth describes how much data a website can access per second. Your preferred server will use some data when someone accesses your website. In this case, if your hosting bandwidth is low, your blog will be down and very slow. So, while buying hosting, you have to check whether the bandwidth is good or not.

3. Uptime

Uptime refers to how long a hosting server is continuously active in a 24-hour period. If the uptime of the hosting server is not good, your website will be down. As a result your blog will lose traffic. Most of the hosting companies nowadays guarantee 99.99% Uptime. So check the uptime before buying hosting.

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4. Customer Service


No matter which company you buy hosting from, you must make sure that the company provides proper customer support. Because while blogging you may face minor problems with hosting. At that point you should only buy hosting considering whether you will get support or not. If not, you may have to face various problems by buying hosting.


Decision to buy hosting:

All the aspects to consider for buying a good hosting have been analyzed above. So you have to choose the right hosting for you by considering whether a company can provide you with the above facility or not.

Types of web hosting

There are different types of hosting available now. However, the following four types of hosting are used in most cases. So now we will know in detail about the pros and cons of the following four types of hosting. The four popular types of web hosting are—

Shared Web Hosting
VPS (Virtual Private Server)
Dedicated Hosting
Cloud Web Hosting

1. Shared Web Hosting

Shared Web Hosting
Share value is sharing. That is, hosting that is shared by multiple people is called shared hosting. Such a hosting server is purchased by multiple people. Due to which shared hosting is slightly cheaper than other hosting.

I am giving an example to understand the point. Suppose you used to rent small rooms to live in while studying in college. Later you would share a room with some other people in your room according to that accommodation. As a result, the rent would be much lower because everyone pays the house rent at the same rate.

In the same way, the storage of a shared hosting server is sold to multiple people. As a result, the cost of shared hosting decreases. But due to sharing, when multiple people have their websites on the same server, the website with more traffic will affect your website. As a result, your website speed will decrease. Basically what happens when multiple people share a room.

Benefits of Shared Hosting


This type of hosting is very easy to use and setup.
This is good for new websites.
Its price is very low, so everyone can buy it.
Its control panel is designed simply.

Disadvantages of Shared Hosting

It has very limited access.
The website may be down due to server sharing with others.
Its security system is not that good.
Most companies do not provide any kind of support.

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2. VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is the advanced version of shared hosting. Usually in case of shared hosting a server is divided and sold to different people and each shared server can take the data they need from other servers. But in the case of VPS servers, even if a server is sold to multiple people, a shared server cannot use any of the other server’s power. That is, each shared server collects all data from its own source.

For example, 5 people rent a house which has 5 rooms. But no one can use other’s room or is not allowed to use it. 5 people each stay in their own room and use their own room for all activities. They are all in the same house but have no ability to move to other rooms.

Visualization technology is used in VPS hosting. In which a strong server and secure server are practically divided into different parts. Here you don’t have to share hosting with any other website.

VPS hosting is slightly more expensive than shared hosting. But the quality of VPS hosting is much better than shared hosting. If you want dedicated server-like performance at low cost, VPS hosting will be best for you.


Advantages of VPS hosting

This type of hosting provides better performance.
Full control is available as with dedicated hosting.
Bandwidth and speed are good.
Anyone can buy VPS hosting for not being as expensive as a dedicated server.
Its security system is very advanced.
It is unlikely that the server will be down.
Customer support is available anytime.


Disadvantages of VPS hosting


It is somewhat difficult to use and control.
Less resources are provided than dedicated servers.

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3. Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting has no share. In this type of hosting a dedicated server is provided to an individual. This server may not be used by anyone else under any circumstances. This is the complete opposite of Share Hosting.

Those who have a lot of traffic on their website usually use this type of Dedicated Hosting. Because the website which has high traffic requires high quality web hosting. Especially big e-commerce sites use this type of Dedicated Hosting.


Benefits of Dedicated Hosting


Such servers cannot be shared by anyone.
Its security measures are better than any other hosting.
Its servers are very powerful.
The server will never be down.
No matter how much traffic the website has, the website will not slow down.


Disadvantages of Dedicated Hosting


This is very expensive hosting.
Controlling requires a lot of technical knowledge.
To maintain this type of server, you have to spend money and hire experts.


4. Cloud Web Hosting


Cloud Web Hosting is a very popular hosting nowadays. Cloud hosting is a hosting server composed of multiple computer servers. That is, many servers are connected together in this hosting.

And in this hosting, all the files of the website are kept on different servers through a special process. As a result, there is absolutely no chance of a site going down in cloud hosting. Moreover, this hosting is more secure. So day by day cloud hosting has become quite popular.

Now most bloggers choose cloud hosting for their website. Because it is also very cheap compared to other hosting. Cloud hosting is affordable for newbies, experts. Moreover, it can be the best hosting medium for anyone.


Benefits of Cloud Hosting


Chances of server down here are very low.
Even if the blog has more traffic, the blog is not slow.
Good security system is in place.
Different price packages are available.


Disadvantages of Cloud Hosting


Root access is not provided here.
Slightly more expensive than other normal hosting.


Linux vs Windows Web Hosting


There are two types of operating systems available when it comes to hosting. One is Linux and the other is Windows. Do you know the difference between these two? You can use any of these two types of hosting. However, Windows operating system hosting is somewhat expensive.

Since Linux is an open source operating system, hosting Linux operating system is somewhat less expensive than Windows. Because the company does not have any operating system in case of Linux operating system hosting. That is why it is somewhat cheaper.

On the other hand, for the Windows operating system, the Windows company has to bear the cost of the operating system. For which it is more expensive than Linux. Both servers are good but Windows is considered more secure than Linux. Generally, Linux hosting is used more than Windows because Linux servers are cheaper.


Cost of hosting


Since each hosting company has unique facilities, hosting prices vary from company to company. For that reason it will not be possible to determine any specific price of hosting. Moreover, hosting companies offer different types of offers at different times. Below we will try to give an estimate about the cost of hosting.

Shared Hosting – TK.50 to Taka 300 per month
VPS Hosting – Tk 2000 to 10000 per month
Dedicated Hosting – Tk 7000 to 20000 per month
Cloud Hosting – 500 to 1000 Taka per month


If you are completely new to blogging and your blog traffic is less then we suggest you to buy Shared Hosting. On the other hand, if you have enough traffic and work regularly on your blog, I would suggest you to buy Cloud Hosting.


last word

I hope you liked this article about what is web hosting and where to buy hosting from. This article has made every effort to provide a complete guide about hosting. If you have been reading carefully, you must have already learned about hosting in detail.

If you liked this article about web hosting, you can share the post on Facebook. Then your close friend can easily know about web hosting by reading this post. Also, if you have any questions about hosting, you can let us know by commenting.

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