What is local SEO and how does it work

Do you have a business that you want to promote through the Internet in a certain area? If the answer is yes then this article will not be of use to you. Because this post will provide a complete guide on Local SEO in very simple language.

If you have any idea about internet and website then you must know that proper SEO is necessary for a website to rank in google search engine. And a local website or local business needs to do local ISO to rank in Google.

There are different types of SEO to rank a website. Especially thinking about those who do local business, Google has launched a local search system. As a result, if you want to promote a business online in a certain area, you have to pay attention to local SEO.

Local SEO is an important SEO that can be used properly to reach the local customers of that area through the Internet about the business of a particular area. For example, if you have a hotel, grocery shop, restaurant or small business in a local city, then you can easily give customers ideas about the hotel or restaurant through Google by doing local SEO.


So you can read this post from beginning to end if you want to increase your business customers by doing local SEO. Because only one local SEO your local business will be able to reach customers easily and completely free. So keep reading carefully—


What is Local SEO


Sometimes we need information about local companies, institutions, hotels, restaurants and other types of local agencies. Especially in most cases we look for good local business establishments in the area or city where we live. Because now someone tries to find out from the internet before buying something.

In this case, if your local business is submitted to Google My Business and if your local business ranks on Google, then the customer of that area will get the information of your business only by searching on Google. In this case, any customer will come to you to get your service or product after knowing about your business easily.


Generally, people search for “Cheap Hotel in Dhaka Uttara” for local information. As a result of this type of search, Google shows the result in a slightly different way than a normal search result, as shown in the image below.

what is local seo

Usually in case of a normal search, Google only shows information from different websites in sequence. But in case of local search, Google shows the best information of the searcher’s area along with address and mobile number. Due to which a customer can easily know about any local business. Basically Google introduced local search system to provide us with more accurate information.

what is local seo in digital marketing
The full form of Local SEO is Local Search Engine Optimization. It is a method of optimizing the results of the website to show on the top of the search engine result page by targeting a specific area audience or customer. It can also be said that local SEO is a kind of process of optimizing a local business, as a result of which a search on Google for any subject in a local area will show the information of the business at the top of the Google search results.

Local SEO is a type of SEO technique similar to On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. But normal SEO is for the whole world but local SEO is done by targeting the audience of a specific area. Through local SEO it is possible to promote any product in a specific area.


What is the difference between Local SEO and Normal SEO


Google local search results and normal search results are different. Moreover, Google local search and normal search are also different. For example, someone will normally search on Google “What is Digital Marketing” or “How to do Digital Marketing” to know about digital marketing.


digital marketing

On the other hand local search will be “Best Digital Marketing Institute” or “Best Digital Marketing Institute in Dhaka”.


What is the difference between Local SEO and Normal SEO

In this case, Google will show different results for two searches.


See in the above image, the result of searching by writing “Best Digital Marketing Institute in Dhaka” Google is showing only the names of some digital marketing institutes in Dhaka. Along with this, the company is showing various other information including address, mobile number, opening hours and location.

According to Google, 46% of people search on Google using local keywords. Due to which Google is urging everyone to pay attention to local SEO. So it is clear that if you have a local business organization then you must focus on local SEO. Because it is possible to get targeted customers only by doing local SEO.


attention to local SEO. So it is clear that if you have a local business organization then you must focus on local SEO. Because it is possible to get targeted customers only by doing local SEO.


How does local SEO work



When a local service, product, organization and place name is searched on Google, Google launches Local SEO to provide the best information to the searcher. When someone searches on Google by writing a local word, Google first knows the searcher’s location through Google Maps. And using that location, Google shows the best search results to the user.

For example, suppose you are staying in Gulshan area of ​​Dhaka city. In this case you may want to visit a “Gramphone Customer Care” nearest to your location. But don’t know the address of your nearest graminphone customer care. Then if you search by typing “GP Customer Care Near Me” on Google then Google will tell you the address of Grameen Phone Customer Care closest to you in the blink of an eye.

why do local seo

Thus, Google Local Search was launched to help a person with the best information. And by using that facility, local businessmen are getting the face of their business by easily reaching the service of their business organization to local customers.


Why do local SEO

how does local seo

You must do local SEO to get business success easily by promoting your business for free. Also, people are now doing more local searches, so you need to focus on local search. Apart from this, there are countless other reasons. Here we highlight only 9 reasons—


1. Local customers are now using the Internet

Due to the advancement of technology, now the village people are also using the internet. Now everyone has a smartphone. Now people take the help of internet to get information about which restaurant to eat, which hotel to stay in, which institution to study etc. etc. So if you have a local business organization, it is important to do local SEO. Also check below Stats –
46% of people now search Google Local.
64% of local customers always search on search engines.
50% local customers call after seeing reviews and ratings.
78% of local customers are small businesses.

2. Local search is targeted

Local SEO is necessary because local search is for local organizations. Moreover there are some local products which are always locally searched. Local customers will keep coming to your business if you can do local SEO well. Once people have confidence in your organization, your business will continue to grow.

3. Local SEO is better than paid advertising

Local SEO has more potential than paid campaigns on Facebook or Google AdWords. Because there is no 100% guarantee that Facebook Promote or Google AdWords ads will reach your target audience. But your targeted audience will come from Google local search. So the effectiveness of local SEO to increase marketing without spending money is undeniable.

4. Increase in mobile internet usage

Nowadays, mobile internet usage is increasing at a massive rate. As a result, local search is growing exponentially. Imagine you own a coffee shop. Usually when someone is very tired he will want to drink coffee. In this case, he will try to find out which coffee shop is good around the area where he is at that time. In this case, if your coffee shop is on Google local listing and has good reviews, customers will come to your coffee shop to have coffee.


5. Only 50% of businesses have Google listings

Google does not charge anything for listing your business on Google Maps. If you want, you can add your business to Google My Business for free. Google itself says that 50% of businesses have not yet been added to Google My Business. So you can easily rank your business in Google Local Search?


6. Google Local SEO Listings Free

So far Google does not have to pay anything to include a business name in the Google My Business listing. But at the rate Google Business Listings are growing, it looks like Google may not be giving them away for free in the future. So now you can add your business to Google My Business.

7. Only 30% people read newspapers

People don’t read newspapers that much anymore. Most people take online help in reading various news. So if you are still advertising your business in newspaper then you will not get the expected result from newspaper. So considering this matter, it can be seen that local SEO is more effective than advertising in newspapers.

8. Review system

People can give their opinion about businesses listed on Google My Business. In this case, if you receive a positive review by someone who has received the service of your business, other customers will be encouraged to receive your service after seeing the review. So positive reviews will help your business grow.

9. Local SEO is easy

Local SEO is much easier than normal SEO and competition is very less. Due to which you can easily do local SEO in a very short time. Normal SEO requires different types of SEO, but local SEO does not require much SEO.


How to do local SEO

how to do local seo

After doing normal SEO for a website it can take months to years to get results. But doing local bizsen seo starts ranking in very short time. The reason is that local SEO has less competition than International SEO. For that, local SEO can easily get results.

There are certain rules of local SEO to follow for your local business to succeed. Local SEO can be easily done by following the following rules-

1. Registering on Google My Business

To bring your business online you must first register your business on Google My Business. In this case you have to register using your business name. Also, you have to complete the registration process by providing all the information of your business organization by selecting your designated area.


what is Google My Business


Google My Business is a free business listing service from Google. Google My Business collects the information of all small and large businesses around the world based on Google Maps and various local information. Based on which Google displays different types of information to the local searcher. Basically, Google My Business listings are focused on Google Local SEO.

2. Business website creation

To do local SEO you must create a website under your company name. Because without a website, people won’t know about your organization and trust won’t be built. So first create a business website in the name of your organization.

Then publish 10/15 posts about the type of product you sell or the type of service you provide. In this case, you will highlight the good aspects of your product or service in front of the reader. If you can’t do this yourself, you can do it with the help of a website designer for very little money.

3. Positive reviews and ratings

Google My Business has the opportunity for customers to give ratings and opinions about any organization’s products or organizations. So if you expect positive reviews and good ratings then you need to provide good service to your customers. When customers are happy with your service, customers will give good ratings and reviews of your business. And the website of the business that has positive reviews and ratings on Google My Business easily ranks on Google.

4. Use the right keywords

Use keywords related to your business. Then Google will understand about your business category and reach your business to the desired audience. Because if you use wrong keywords instead of proper keywords, people will not show interest about your business. As a result, your organization will not be able to rank in Google local search.

5. Providing accurate business information

When you create a Google My Business account, you will provide correct information including your business’s mobile number in that account. In particular, write clearly about the type of product or service you sell. Then on the one hand Google can understand about your service just like local customer can know about your service well.

6. Registrar Google Map

According to the location of your business, if you can verify it by registering it on Google Maps, then your business will rank more easily on Google. It will be a bit difficult to do. But if you can, local SEO will be easier for you.

7. Facebook page created

Make sure to create a business page in the name of your organization. Also, create business pages on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media. Then you will get better results from local search engine.

8. Add location to post

When you create different posts on your website, set your business location with each post. Add business name, address, mobile number and other information. Then people can know about your every product or service as well as know the location of your company and can call.


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9. Create Local Content

Google search engine is much smarter now. It is very easy to know that the content of a website has been created targeting the people of which country or area. That’s why when you write product reviews, create content targeting your local area audience. In this way Google search engine will reach your posts to people in that local area.

10. Update Google My Business information

Most people never update that information after they first provide it after creating a Google My Business account. As a result, Google thinks you are not serious about your business. So Google doesn’t give you any rank. That’s why you should keep your Google My Business account updated. Regularly update information about special events, especially on days when there are holidays or when your office is closed.

last word

In this article I have simply presented a complete guide on Google Local SEO. Hopefully you now understand the importance of local SEO. Also got a clear idea on how to promote your business with local SEO.

If you have any query about Google Local SEO you can let us know through comments. Or you can tell if you need any help with local SO. We will try to solve your problem.

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