What Is Backlink In SEO | How to create backlinks for website | SEO Tutorial 2022

Backlinks are an important part of SEO. Today we will talk about what is backlink in seo. You can read the article if you want.


What is a backlink In SEO |  Why do backlinks

When a webpage is linked to another webpage, that link is called a backlink.

what is backlink in seo

For example, suppose – a popular, respected and reliable website, where thousands or millions of visitors come to read the posts on its website, but if your website link or url is on that webpage, then the visitors of that website are your visitors through your website URL. will start coming. This URL is called backlink or referral link.


How to build backlinks for website | How to create backlinks for website


Today we will discuss the most important topic from the point of view of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is backlinks.




Types of Backlinks | What are the types of backlink


Now you know what backlink are. After that we will understand how many types of backlinks there are. There are mainly two types of backlink:


DoFollow Backlink


By default, all the links we create on our website or articles are DoFollow Backlinks. Such links help any website or blog to get good ranking in search engines. Examples of DoFollow Backlinks:

<a hre f=”ridoyhasanalif.com”> ridoyhasanalif </ a >


NoFollow Backlink


These types of links do not create any kind of direct links and do not help your webpage to rank in search engines. Examples of NoFollow Backlinks:

<a hr e f=”google.com” rel=”nofollow”> google <backlink/ a>


Simply put, if you put the “nofollow” tag on the backlink, it becomes a NoFollow Backlink otherwise it remains a DoFollow Backlink.

After understanding the types of backlinks we will try to know some important terms related to them. which is as follows:


Juice Link

When a link from a webpage adds a DoFollow link to your homepage or an article, this type of link is called a juice link. Such links are very important as they improve your webpage ranking in search engines and also increase your domain authority.


High quality link When a backlink comes to you from a popular, reliable website, it is called a high quality link. Such links improve your website’s ranking in search engines.

How to create backlinks for website

Low quality link These are links that come to you from a spam website (spam), unsafe and unsafe or a website with pornographic content (adult site). Such links are very harmful for your website. So such links should always be avoided.


Internal link When you link one of your articles or pages to another article or your own page, such a link is called an internal link.


External link

When you connect your website to another website through a link, such a link is called an external link.


Anchor text When you add a link to a specific word in your article, that text is called anchor text. It acts as a hyperlink. When you use it on a targeted keyword, it will rank great.


Benefits of Backlinks


You can create as many backlinks as you want for your website. It has no limits. But while building backlinks remember that all your backlinks should be made with a reputable, reliable, safe and popular website.


Along with this, also remember that your backlinks should be relevant. That is, if your blog is related to digital marketing niche, then your backlinks should also come from niche related websites like digital marketing.


Let us now discuss the benefits of backlinks:


Improve Page Ranking: Getting high quality backlinks improves your blog or website’s ranking in search engines, which increases your domain authority.


Fast indexing Good backlinks make your webpages indexed by Google faster. That’s why getting good backlinks is very important for new bloggers.


Increase in traffic

By getting backlinks, traffic starts flowing to your webpage from referring websites, which increases your number of visitors and page views.


Improved Alexa Ranking Visitors By increasing the number of visitors and page views of your website, your website’s Alexa ranking also improves.


How To Make Backlinks For Website



You can read the following tips to get high quality backlinks for your blog:




Do good keyword research to write high quality content for your blog. Also fill a content with complete information. There will be assistance for visitors


Comment You can create backlinks by commenting on other blogs or websites. This is a great way to build backlinks. But remember that the blog you are commenting on should be related to your blog topic.


Start Guest Blogging

you are Go to that person’s website or blog and publish your article. And in this article you can add your website URL. By doing this you can also get backlinks. But do this only on reputed and popular websites.



Question Answer Forum


There are many QnA forums available on the internet. Like Quora or Medium. You need to search your target audience and see who has asked questions that you have already written articles on.


As soon as you see your favorite question, write a half-complete answer to it and give a link to your blog. In such cases, your site




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