What is Affiliate Marketing Program For Beginners

Affiliate marketing is a digital process of promoting or selling other people’s products by earning a percentage commission. Basically affiliate marketing system is started to reach the hands of a customer through online. Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to make money online.
Before discussing what is affiliate marketing , we will try to clear you about marketing. Then I will try my best to give a clear idea about what affiliate marketing is, why, how to do affiliate marketing and how to earn money online from home by doing affiliate marketing.

what is affiliate marketing

Before starting to write about affiliate marketing, I spent about an hour on the internet reading many posts about affiliate in Bengali and English blogs/websites. After my research, I found that most of the Bengali blogs have copied and pasted the content from various English blogs directly translated through Google Translate tool.
A few other blogs have written about this very nicely or tried to give clear ideas. However, in all the writings, the authors have repeatedly presented a simple topic like affiliate marketing in a complex manner. After reading many blog posts it seems to me that not every writer takes the subject lightly. They all write as if it is a very difficult and complicated subject. But affiliate marketing is a very simple and normal thing.
Read the above paragraph and don’t take it for granted that you can earn from affiliate marketing. Because I said affiliate marketing is very easy but not easy to earn. No one can earn money from internet or offline or real life workplace without skill, experience and hard work .
And those who work hard in any work achieve success in that work. Here you have to earn money with your talent, skills and hard work in affiliate marketing. You have to remember one thing clearly that success and money can never be earned without doing any work in the world. Never believe anyone who shows you a tempting way to make easy money through affiliate marketing or any other online medium without any effort.
I told you earlier that before understanding what affiliate marketing is, you need to understand marketing. Because a part of marketing is affiliate marketing. I will clear the marketing issue first to make it simple for you. Then I will discuss the details.

What is marketing

First off, don’t compare marketing to online. Thinking of it offline, think about yourself, what is marketing and how is the product marketed or marketed? Generally the exchange or buying and selling of goods is called marketing. Marketing is the process of marketing or selling the products that you have in different ways.
what is affiliate marketing for beginners

What is Affilite Marketing Program For Beginners

Affiliate marketing is a marketing system whereby an online retailer pays an external website a commission for traffic or sales generated from its referrals. That is, all the companies that offer affiliates for their auto software pay various affiliate marketing commissions on affiliate sales. Affiliate marketing is a very popular marketing system for online product sales and commission based income.
Affiliate marketing is a process of online based product marketing. But you don’t have to go that deep. For the convenience of everyone’s understanding, it can be said simply that affiliate marketing is earning a percentage (%) commission from the products sold by selling or selling various products of the company or organization related to the purchase and sale of goods online .
That is, the company will give you various products and you will sell those products to customers through link sharing. Finally, the company will give you a commission of 10% – 15% on the total price of your sold products. That’s what affiliate marketing is for you and me.
Now the question may arise in your mind that how can I get the products of different companies? No product will be handed to you here. You will register on a company website. A completely unique URL will be given to you after registration.
Then you can click on the products you want to promote and get a separate URL for each product. Then you will continue to reach those links to customers. When a buyer clicks on your link and buys a product, he will pay a percentage commission on the price of that product. Basically this process is called affiliate marketing.

How to start affiliate marketing Step By Step


You may have already learned from your friends and blogs that affiliate marketing can earn you thousands of dollars. You heard absolutely right. If you work hard using your skills and experience, you too can earn thousands of dollars a month from affiliate marketing online. Before discussing how to start affiliate marketing, let me clear you up on one more thing.

Affiliate Marketing’s main function is to deliver products to customers through product promotion and promotion. I am trying to make the matter more clear with an example.

Suppose in real life you make an agreement with a company that you will buy a hundred different products from the company and sell them. In return, the company will pay you a commission of 15% on every fifteen sales. In this case, what approach will you take to deliver those one hundred products to buyers? You will use various means to reach the customers and highlight the advantages of the products. In this way, the buyer will be attracted to your product and buy it.

Let me make the matter more clear with another example. You may have seen different types of companies promoting their products in various markets and villages in the village. In this case, it can be seen that in a market, people are first mobilized by organizing the playing of various songs promoting the desired product. People gather at one stage of the song to highlight the good points of their products. As a result, it can be seen that the promoter can sell many products very easily.In the same way, the product that you buy from various websites through online, first you have to think about how you can reach that product in the hands of the customers. You can do this in several ways.

If you have a website or blog, you can create reviews of those products on that blog and share the link of the product to bring customers to the company’s website to purchase that product. Moreover, you can also encourage buyers to purchase products by sharing links on various social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and email. But whichever method you adopt, you must have a large amount of popularity in each case. Even if there is no popularity in the beginning, you have to gain popularity through work.

Why Affiliate Marketing

We are constantly looking for ideas to earn money online from home. Looking for ideas to make a sudden income with mobile. In fact, you can earn sudden income from online, offline, and media. To earn online you need little knowledge and interest to work on that subject. If you want to earn money online, check out 7 reasons to start affiliate marketing. Then you can understand why you need to start affiliate marketing.
  • What is affiliate marketing?
  • How does affiliate marketing work?
  • Why do?
  • How is the demand?
There has been a lot of writing online answering these questions. So I don’t want to waste time writing about these things. For those who want to know about affiliate marketing, here is the description in one word. If you want to be a “No Risk, No Pain” entrepreneur. Then affiliate marketing is the best way to fulfill your dream of becoming an entrepreneur.
affiliate marketing

7 Reasons to Start Affiliate Marketing 


Today we will share with you 7 such reasons. After knowing the factors you will definitely have a better understanding of affiliate marketing. After knowing these. You will know very well whether you need to start affiliate marketing or not. Let’s find out:-

1. General Business Model –

This is a very simple business. That’s why you don’t need to plan for a long time to start your business. 10 minutes of planning can be enough to start this business. But to get quick success in business you need to do a lot of research and planning. Which you can gradually plan and implement after starting the business. Below is the business model of affiliate marketing –
There are three sectors you have to manage. Success in affiliate marketing is guaranteed if you manage these three sectors well. So you can start this convenient business from today. The more time you take, the more you will lag behind others.

2. Affiliate marketing does not require a product of your own –

This is the biggest advantage of this business. You don’t have to worry about products to do this business. Here you can profit by selling millions of products as you want without any investment. If you want to start this business through Amazon, then you can add lakhs of products to your shop. Now do you need to start a business with a few hundred thousand products?
I said if you want, you can start a business with millions of Amazon products. But it does not mean that you have to start a business with all the products. There are a few strategies to succeed in affiliate marketing: one of them is to start a business targeting a specific product or niche idea. I will advise you personally. Start this business with some popular and low competition products. Check here — Affiliate Marketing Niche Ideas to get an idea of ​​what products affiliate marketing can be profitable with.

3. Affiliate marketing business has no-investment and low-investment benefits –

Basically this business is famous for low investment and no investment facility. Because you know better. No business can be started without money. Whatever business you want to start. But if you want this business without any investment. That is, you can start without any money. That’s what I call: low-investment and no-investment benefits.
Low-invest or no-invest which will be better?
As the saying goes, “the three states of cheapness”. I can say the same. Where the cheapest three conditions. If you are free there, you may be a fakir. don’t mind I was just kidding. If you can work with Dharya, you can definitely succeed for free. However, the free method has several problems:
  • You can’t do SEO as you want
  • Cannot use premium tools
  • People have less faith, etc.
That is why I will advise you. If you are interested in working seriously. Then you start affiliate marketing business with low-investment.

4. Great benefits of earning lifetime income from passion –

Affiliate marketing business is the best way to earn a lifetime income. There are very few such businesses in the world. From where you can earn lifetime income. If you take a little time to use your passion, you can set up an affiliate marketing business. Then you can enjoy the opportunity of notation life.
After a period of time, if the business reaches a certain point, then you can earn lifetime profit from this business without doing any work. So you can start your dream affiliate marketing business today if you want.
what is affiliate marketing

5. Affiliate Marketing is a Low-Risk Business –

The word profit and loss will be used only when doing business. No business is possible without profit and loss. In the same way affiliate marketing business also has little risk. Basically this risk cannot be called a risk. Talk about business!!! So the calculation of risk should also be shown.
If you start an affiliate marketing business with a premium website. Then your negligence and inefficiency may not lead to good income. So you have to work with more time. It is 100% true if you have no negligence, you will never lose.

6. Freedom to do business with any product –


In affiliate marketing you have worldwide freedom. Here you can start business with any product you want. And you can change the product category anytime as you want. There are very few businesses that you hopefully understand. Where there are so many benefits and freedoms. So if you want to do business as you want, you can start affiliate marketing business.

7. Advantages of doing business worldwide –

Affiliate marketing business is one such business. Where there are no fixed boundaries. You can do this business all over the world. You can sell products in all the countries of the world including America, Australia, Japan sitting in Bangladesh. But you have to keep it in mind.
The company you are doing affiliate marketing business for. Whether they are selling their product in the country you are marketing to. If they don’t sell in the country you’re marketing to, you can’t sell there either.

Which are the most popular affiliate marketing sites For beginners

what is affiliate marketing

There are millions of companies out there for affiliate marketing. Among them there are some good companies which have a lot of products and they pay marketers commission at a good rate. Below are the names of some good affiliate companies that you can earn money for a long time by working in them.

  • ShareASale Affiliates.
  • Amazon Associates. (most popular)
  • eBay Partners.
  • Shopify Affiliate Program.
  • Clickbank.
  • Rakuten Marketing Affiliates.
  • Leadpages Partner Program.
  • StudioPress Affiliate Website.

How to earn more By Affiliate

First of all, you must be patient and work long hours to earn money. Then gradually success will catch your hands. However, to increase income by affiliate marketing, some techniques have to be adopted. You can easily increase your income by dealing with the products that people usually buy online.

If you like things that are in demand offline but very little demand online then you will not be successful or profitable doing affiliate marketing. For this, you can easily earn more money if you review and share the links of all the products that are in high demand online .
But another thing is clear that if the content of your blog or website is in English, there is a possibility of increasing the income. Because the people of Bangladesh do not buy any products online till now. So if you do affiliate marketing by blogging in Bengali, the chances of success are very low. In this case, if you can do affiliate marketing with products in demand by sharing articles in English, you can earn more money in a very short time.

Advice on Affiliate Marketing

Create your own blog or website before starting work. If you want to create a blog for free, you can definitely create a blog with Google Blogger . But after the design and layout of the blog is over, set a top level dot com or dot net domain.

Then continue to create reviews of products that you know about. When 15/20 posts of the blog will be done, then start the work related to SEO of the blog. Because without SEO it will not be possible to get a lot of traffic to the blog. And in order to reach your products to the buyers, the blog will definitely need visitors. The more visitors to your blog, the more sales your products will make.

Moreover, if you are very popular on Facebook page, Facebook group, Facebook messenger group, Twitter, YouTube channel, WhatsApp chat messenger and other social media, then you can also do affiliate marketing by sharing your blog link and direct product link. But whatever you do, you have to work hard to increase your success and income. Otherwise, it will not be possible to earn affiliate marketing without hard work.

last word

You have got a rough idea about what is affiliate marketing or what is affiliate marketing and how to start affiliate marketing and which are affiliate marketing sites. By following all the affiliate marketing tips shown by us, one day you will definitely be able to earn a good smart amount of income from affiliate marketing.

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